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Having improperly positioned teeth can have a huge negative impact in the way you look. Also, it can affect your oral and dental health very negatively. Orthodontics is a specialty in dentistry that deals with such problems and helps patients have more natural teeth placement. Along with this orthodontics also involves correcting unnatural bite patterns as well. When you need to get orthodontics treatment, you might want to get it in Turkey. Because not only will you find high quality service here, but also the prices are more affordable compared to many developed countries. However, finding the right doctor may not always be so easy. So you can check out this list of best orthodontic treatment doctors in Turkey to have an idea.


1. Specialist Dr Ömer Polat – Cliniqa Dental World


When you are dealing with bad teeth placement issues, finding a good doctor can be crucial. However, this whole thing may sometimes be quite hard and frustrating. But you can make your appointment with Specialist Dr Ömer Polat to get a great dental care. As a graduate of Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry, Polat is a highly qualified orthodontics expert. He has over 10 years of experience in his field and has helped 2500 patients with their dental care. If you want to get your dental care from one of the best orthodontic treatment doctors in Turkey, make an appointment. As a highly skilled specialist in Cliniqa Dental World, Dr Ömer Polat can help you with your orthodontics treatment.


2. Specialist Dt Fırat Koç – Fırat Koç Orthodontics Clinic (Izmir)


If you need to get orthodontics care in Izmir, Specialist Dt Fırat Koç can help you with this. You can make an appointment by calling his private practice clinic in the Karsiyaka area. Then you can get many services from one of the very good orthodontic treatment doctors in Turkey.


3. Specialist Dr Sinem Tatar – Uzman Dr Sinem Tatar Private Practice Office (Ankara)


Another one of the best orthodontic treatment doctors in Turkey is Specialist Dr Sinem Tatar. Offering many services regarding orthonontic care, she can give you the help you need. You can make an appointment by calling her private practice office in Ankara.


4. Specialist Dt Cengiz Gadimli – Antmodern Oral and Dental Health Center (Antalya)


When you need to get orthodontic care in Antalya, you can get it from Specialist Dt Cengiz Gadimli. Operating in Antmodern, Gadimli is one of the best orthodontic treatment doctors in Turkey. So if you are looking to get a great dental care, you can make an appointment with him.


5. Specialist Dt Selin Koşar – Holident Dental Hospital (Mugla)


If you want to find one of the orthodontic treatment doctors in Turkey in Mugla, Specialist Dt Selin Koşar is one of them. You can easily make an appointment with her about your dental issues. Then you can go to Holident Dental Hospital to get the dental care you need.


6. Specialist Dt Merve Özkan – Edirne Orthodontics Clinic


As one of the very good orthodontic treatment doctors in Turkey, Specialist Dt Merve Özkan can help you with your many dental problems. You can easily make an appointment if you are in Edirne and need care for your dental issues. Then you can get many dental care services in Edirne Orthodontics Clinic.


7. Specialist Dt Ece Çavdar – Uzm Dt Ece Çavdar Orthodontics Clinic (Izmir)


Another one of the orthodontic treatment doctors in Turkey is Specialist Dt Ece Çavdar. Besides many orthodontic care options, she also offers services like dental implants in her private dental clinic.


8. Specialist Dt Derviş Emre Ercan – Derviş Emre Ercan Private Practice Office (Ankara)


In similar fashion to other names on our list, Specialist Dt Derviş Emre Ercan is another expert in this area. While giving orthodontic care options, Ercan also offers many other dental care services in his private clinic.


9. Dr Dt Seval Karabulut – Seval Karabulut Private Practice Office (Antalya)


Do you need to get orthodontic care in Antalya from a very good expert? Then you might want to check out Seval Karabulut Private Practice Office in this city. Then you can get the help you need about your dental issues with not much hassle.


10. Specialist Dt Didem Batıtürk – Dr Didem Batıtürk Orthodontics Clinic (Mugla)


Another very good doctor in this area is Specialist Dt Didem Batıtürk operating in her own clinic. There you can get the dental care services you need in the orthodontics area.

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When it comes to perfect teeth, you might be feeling a bit jealous of famous people. Since fame requires them to be in the spotlight all the time, dental care is very crucial for celebrities. As a result, many famous people have perfect teeth and a beautiful smile. So you might be wondering about dental clinics that famous people pick to get their dental work done. Here you will find the answers you have been looking for about celebrity dental clinics. If you want to get the perfect teeth you have been dreaming about, you might want to check out these.

What type of dental work do famous people have at celebrity dental clinics?

As they always tend to be in the spotlight, most celebrities care a lot about how their teeth look. Because neglecting dental care can greatly impact looks in a quite negative way. Although many famous people have beautiful smiles and perfect teeth, it wasn’t always like this for some of them. While some famous people naturally have good looking teeth, some of them don’t. Therefore a lot of celebrities rely on getting great dental care services at celebrity dental clinics. The type of dental work that famous people get varies from the imperfections each of them may have in their teeth.

Which celebrity dental clinics do famous people go for dental work?

If you want to get a great dental treatment like a celebrity, you might be wondering about celebrity dental clinics. Even though there are many popular options all around the world, they differ from region to region. For example, many famous people in the USA are in places like LA and NYC. So they usually prefer clinics around these areas. When it comes to other areas in the world, celebrities favour different options as well. For instance, Turkey is a very popular destination for health tourism. So, there are many dental clinics in Turkey which famous people prefer to visit.

How much does it cost to get your teeth fixed like celebrities?

Getting a beautiful smile and perfect teeth like a celebrity is an attractive idea for many. However, if you are planning to get a great dental care you might be wondering about the price as well. When you get your dental care in many countries, these treatments can be quite costly. But there is also another choice if you want to get high quality dental care for low prices. You can get dental care services in celebrity dental clinics in Turkey for relatively cheaper prices.

Where are some of the best celebrity dental clinics?

There are many celebrity dental clinics around the world where famous people go to. For example, North America, Europe, East Asia, India and Middle East are some of these areas. So, it is likely that you can find a good clinic where celebrities in your area prefer to visit. But if you also care about getting a good price, you might want to think globally and check out options in other countries.

Cliniqa Dental World – (Istanbul)

If you want to get dental care like a celebrity, you need to find a good dental clinic. However, getting dental care from celebrity dental clinics can be quite expensive. So if you want to get the best bang for your buck when getting dental care services, you might want to consider health tourism. By travelling to countries such as Turkey where high quality dental care is cheaper, you can get better deals. Cliniqa Dental World is a very popular dental clinic that many famous people choose. For example celebrities and high ranking government officials in neighboring countries get dental treatment here. When you need to get excellent dental care services, check out Cliniqa in Besiktas, Istanbul. Because here you can get dental care like a celebrity, except with more affordable prices.

Dr Anthony Mobasser – Celebrity Dentist (Los Angeles)

When we are talking about celebrities, Los Angeles is the number one place. So there are many celebrity dental clinics in LA area. As a very popular celebrity dentist, Dr Anthony Mobasser can help you with aesthetic dentistry.

Dr. Victoria Veytsman, DDS – Cosmetic Dental Studios (New York)

With many famous people living in there, another place where there are many celebrity dental clinics is New York. If you are in NYC and need to get dental care services you can get it from Dr. Victoria Veytsman, DDS.

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Teeth loss is a huge problem that can impact your life tremendously. Therefore, there are many different methods in dentistry for dealing with this serious issue. While other treatments may be more suitable for partial loss, zygomatic implants may be a good option in some cases. Zygomatic implant treatment involves the replacement of teeth in the upper jaw with artificial teeth. It is mostly for patients without adequate levels of bone mass. The implants in this treatment are placed in to the zygomatic bone, which is commonly known as cheekbone. Since it is a relatively recent type of treatment, you may have a lot of questions about it. Also, it is considered to be one of the most difficult implant types to place by doctors. So if you are going to get this treatment, you should find a good doctor and a good clinic for this.

What is zygomatic implant surgery?

Teeth loss is a serious issue that can have both practical and aesthetic implications. If the loss is partial or the area is suitable, there are many different methods to deal with this issue. However, in some cases zygomatic or zygoma implant treatment may be necessary. For example, due to bone loss, it may not be suitable for some patients to get regular implants. Because for some patients who are dealing with bone loss, their bones may not be strong enough for this. This implant method involves placing the implant with support from the cheekbones. Therefore zygomatic implants are quite a unique and innovative solution that is also very difficult to place. This implant method offers treatment to patients who wouldn’t otherwise be able to get such a treatment.

How successful are zygomatic implants?

The success of this treatment highly depends on the experience level of the doctor carrying it out. As we have stated before, zygomatic implants are a very unique kind of treatment. Also, they are a relatively new form of implants. So, it can be a bit hard to find a skilled dentist able to carry out this procedure. But according to studies, the success rate of this treatment is between 82% and 100%. Although results vary from study to study, you can see that it can be a very successful type of implant. What really matters, however, is to find a qualified and experienced doctor who can implement the procedure.

Are zygomatic implants safe?

Since the implant is placed with support from cheekbones, this procedure may seem dangerous. However, zygomatic implants have a high success rate and most experts consider them to be quite safe. But it is important to remember that they have their own unique risks and complications. For example, sinusitis is the most common side effect that occurs with this kind of treatment. Also, there can be other complications due to this operation. So, it is important to get this done in a good clinic and by a qualified doctor.

How long do zygomatic implants last?

While it largely depends on the quality of the treatment, zygomatic implants can last for a long time. According to many studies, over 95% of implants with this method are still functioning after 3 to 12 years. So, even though this is a very difficult procedure, it is also a good long-term solution for many as well.

Is zygomatic implant treatment painful?

Doctors often carry out Zygomatic implant treatment under general anesthesia. So the actual process happens without you knowing it. However, after the procedure, some pain and discomfort is possible. But the pain is usually not extreme.

What is the cost of zygomatic implants?

If you need to get zygomatic implants, you may be wondering about how much it can cost. Since it is a very hard process, zygoma implant treatment can be costly. This is especially true for developed countries such as the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and so on. But you can get a cheaper yet high quality zygoma implant treatment in Turkey. Get Your Zygomatic Implant Treatment In Cliniqa By Specialist Dt Oğuzhan Sunar In Cliniqa Dental World, we offer many advanced dental health services. With 7 years of experience in his field, Specialist Dt Oğuzhan Sunar carries out this operation in Cliniqa. Although the procedure is quite difficult and few doctors around the world do it, Sunar carries it out. So, if you need help with this procedure, you can easily make your appoinment and get the help you need.
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A dental implant is a procedure for people with partially or fully damaged or missing teeth. It involves replacing the root of teeth as well as the teeth itself with artificial teeth and root. While there are many clinics where you can get a dental implant, it is important to pick a good one. Turkey is a very popular destination for people who are looking to get such medical operations. Because getting high quality healthcare in Turkey for relatively cheap prices is quite easy. Since this is also true for dental implants, you may want to know about good places in Turkey where you can get this service. Here you will find some of the best dental implant doctors in Turkey that you can check out.

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Whether it is for your health or your looks, dental care is very crucial and important. Because if you want to leave a good impression, you probably can’t do it with serious dental flaws. So if you care about your appearance dental care and treatment is something to consider. Also, bad dental health may cause many diseases in other systems of your body. All in all, dental care is a key factor in overall health and good looks. For a good dental care, you might want to know about dental treatment packages. These are different methods of high tech dental care methods we use for different dental problems. Here on this blog post we are going to learn about all on 4 and all on 6 procedures. Also, we are going to take a look at other so called dental care methods and see if they are useful.
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If you want a good overall health, maintaining good dental health can be a very good idea. When it comes to oral and dental health, we tend to think about looks first. Because teeth are a very important part of your appearance and they can impact how you look a lot. However, it is also important to not forget that dental health is more than just looks. If you are interested in getting healthier teeth, you might have heard about endodontology. It is a specialty area in dentistry that focuses on dental pulp and tissues around the roots of teeth. The root of this word roughly means “inside of the teeth” in Greek. So it is basically the branch of dentistry with a focus on the parts of the teeth we don’t see. Here you can get more info about what this branch is and what it does.
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