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If you want to make a good impression, your smile is one of the first things to improve. However, badly placed and discolored teeth can make it impossible for you to have the perfect smile. Therefore you may want to get smile design services that can improve your smile on many levels. This is a procedure that involves making teeth more straight, whiter and better looking. Since it can be a very complex process, you want to get the best quality service that you can get. Here on this post you can learn about this important procedure and see where you can get it.

What does smile design mean?

We are a very visual species and how we look matters a lot. Not only does appearance may affect your private life, but it may also impact your professional life as well. Since your teeth can impact how you look greatly, dental health is a significant part of your appearance. Having perfect teeth and a beautiful smile can affect your life on many levels. But imperfections in your teeth can completely ruin how your smile looks. Smile design is a combination of many different dental services we use to help patients get a better looking smile. Depending on the imperfections in your teeth, the dental services we use may differ. Therefore, this process is highly personalized and requires an experienced professional doing it.

How does a smile makeover work?

As we have already mentioned, smile design is a very personalized process. So, the steps of the procedure may vary from patient to patient and it depends on specific dental imperfections. But usually applications such as zircon dental veneers, bonding and whitening are common. Also, gingival operations, bridges, tooth size adjustment and lip shaping may be necessary. However it depends on the current state of how your teeth looks and what its imperfections are. Firstly, we need to check the current state of your dental and oral health to see what to do. Then we can create a treatment plan in order to focus on your needs.

How much does smile design cost?

The cost of smile design varies according to the treatment procedures that we use. Since each person may need different kinds of procedures, the prices also vary. But when it comes to the price of this procedure, there is a good way to lower it. You can get your smile design in a good clinic in Turkey to get a relatively cheaper price. Because when we compare prices of such operations in Turkey with many developed countries, we can see a huge difference. Also, you won’t be giving up on quality when you get this service in Turkey. Since there are high quality clinics here such as Cliniqa Dental World, you can get a high quality smile design on the cheap.

Does smile design hurt?

There are many different ways to design a beautiful smile. Therefore, depending on the type of procedures used, there may be some mild pain and discomfort after the procedure. For example if it is necessary to adjust teeth alignment, we may need to do orthodontic treatment. However, the process is usually not painful or discomfortable for many people.

Is smile design permanent?

A common question about smile design is whether is permanent or not. Since we may need to do different procedures with different maintanence methods, a definitive answer is hard to give. So after the treatment procedures, you may need regular checkups and care. But with enough care, you can keep your smile beautiful permanently after the procedures.

Why are perfect teeth so important?

Although it may sound unfair, how you look may impact your life on many levels. A good smile can make you more charming, affecting your social life as well as your professional life. On the other hand, having dental imperfections can lower your quality of life. So having perfect teeth matters for many people. If it also matters for you, you may want to consider getting smile design services.

Get Smile Design Services in Cliniqa Dental World

When you are trying to find a good clinic for smile design, the whole process can get a bit frustrating. Because it can be quite difficult to pick a good clinic that can give you a great service. Here in Cliniqa Dental World, we provide our customers with the best dental treatment options. Now you can quickly make your appointment and visit our clinic in Besiktas, Istanbul.

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