Top 5 Dental Implant Brands

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Carrying out a good dental procedure first and foremost requires a qualified and experienced dentist. Because the experience of the specialist has a huge impact on whether the operation is successful or not. Also, just like in many areas, the tools and equipment we use in dentistry is another crucial factor. Since the patient is going to carry it for a long time, this is especially true for dental implants. So if you are planning on getting dental implants, you might want to know about dental implant brands. This way you can get to know the differences between many brands and know which ones are really good. Then you can ask your dentist which brands they are using to get a better idea on the service you are getting. Let’s take a look at some of the best dental implant brands and learn why they matter.

Are there different dental implant brands?

If you are not a professional in this area, you might not even know about different dental implant brands. Because many people don’t know about procedures in dentistry and there is no shame about it. So not knowing about different kind of dental implants and their brands is normal. But if you are planning on getting dental implants, it can be good to know that there are different brands. Also, remember that these brands offer products with different quality levels and prices.

Why do dental implant brands matter?

If you have just learned about dental implant brands, you might be wondering why they matter at all. Basically, picking the right brand matters with dental implants because it is a long-term solution. Since patients often use dental implants for years, getting the right one in the first place is important. This way we can avoid annoying issues after the procedure is complete. By picking a brand that offers high quality and affordable products, you can get the best bang for your buck.
  1. Nobel

The first one among our list of the top dental implant brands is Nobel. Mainly the company focuses on producing dental implants and similar products. Also, the company develops software and scanners to make it possible for dentists to provide personalized prosthetics to patients.
  1. Straumann

Another one of the top dental implant brands is Straumann, which produces dental implants as well as many other products. Founded in 1954, the company has decades of history in its field and it has its base in Basel, Switzerland. Aside from producing dental implants, Straumann also offers training to dental profession all around the world.
  1. Bego

Bego is one of the top dental implant brands on the market. Firstly, it is a German company with its base in Bremen, Germany. Also the company started its operations in 1890 and has a history of over a century in its field. Basically, Bego makes it possible for dentists to make and process high quality dentures.
  1. Osstem

When we are talking about top dental implant brands, we should also mention Osstem as well. Starting out in South Korea, Osstem first expanded into the Asian market. Later, the company became a powerful player in the global market, as one of the high quality dental implant companies.
  1. Dentsply Sirona

The last brand on our list is Dentsply Sirona, a dental equipment producer from the USA. Although the company was founded as Dentists’ Supply Company in 1899, its has grown substantially since 2016, when it became Dentsply Sirona Inc. It designs and produces artificial teeth and dental supplies. We Are Using The Top Dental Implant Brands At Cliniqa Dental World If you are planning to get dental implants, you might want to check out Cliniqa Dental World. Because we offer high quality solutions for affordable prices to our patients. Since we are using top dental implant brands, you can be sure about the quality of the equipment here. Moreover, our specialists are experts on their fields with many years of experience under their belts. With this great combination, we give our patients the high quality dental treatments that they need. So, for dental care services such as dental implants, don’t forget to consider Cliniqa in Besiktas, Istanbul. Aside from the top quality dental implants, you can get many other dental care services here in Cliniqa Dental World. All you need to do is make your appointment easily and visit our clinic in Istanbul.

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