Tom Cruise’s Teeth – How Did He Get Them Fixed

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Dental health and alignment of teeth are quite important for both health and looks. Because your teeth are one of the first things people notice about your appearance. Since looks can affect both your social life and professional life, getting good dental care is crucial. This is especially true for celebrities, who are in the spotlight almost all the time. However not all famous people have naturally perfect teeth and some of them had seriously bad imperfections. For example, Tom Cruise’s teeth used to have really noticeable imperfections. Over time, he had many dental works and got a completely new and beautiful smile. Here we will analyse the procedures he likely went through to have his great smile.

Was Tom Cruise’s teeth really bad?

If you’ve seen some of the pictures of the great actor online, you might think that they are not real. Because these pictures taken during the early years of his career show him with noticeable imperfections in his teeth. When we take a look at some pictures from the successful actor’s childhood, we see the same imperfections as well. So, during his childhood and early career, Tom Cruise’s teeth was actually in a very bad condition.

What is up with Tom Cruise’s teeth?

According to many sources, Tom Cruise had an accident when he was very young, leaving him with damaged teeth. At the time he most likely had composite fillings for a better look. But these fillings had neither the ideal color nor a good shape. Then he had dental crowns for his damaged teeth. Later he got veneers, which gave his teeth the look they have today. So if you have been wondering what is up with Tom Cruise’s teeth, it is just that they took serious damage in his childhood.

Tom Cruise’s Teeth: What procedures he likely went through?

When it comes to dental imperfections, Tom Cruise is a really good example of what’s possible with the right treatment. If you have similar issues and want to know what he went through, there are several likely answers. However you must remember that dental care is a highly personalized process. So what has worked for Tom Cruise’s teeth may not work for yours. Also we don’t have definitive answers on what procedures he went through. With that said, let’s take a look at some procedures that the great actor may have gone through. Composite fillings: When it comes to possible procedures on Tom Cruise’s teeth, composite fillings are quite likely. Dental crown: Due to the broken teeth he had as a child, Tom Cruise may possibly have gone through dental crown treatment. Aesthetic dentistry (Veneers): What likely gave Tom Cruise’s teeth the appearance they have today are veneer treatment he possibly had. Adult orthodontics treatment: Although we can’t speak definitively about the other treatments we listed here, we know that Tom Cruise had orthodontics treatment as an adult. In the early 2000s the successful actor had braces for a while.

A Great Example of What Is Possible With Dental Procedures

If you are dealing with dental imperfections, you might have self-esteem issues about them. Because sometimes, it can feel like dental imperfections are impossible to solve. However, with the right kind of treatment, it is possible for most people to improve dental aesthetics. Tom Cruise’s teeth may be a great example of what is possible with dental procedures. As a world famous celebrity, he dealt with dental imperfections and now he has a beautiful smile. Besides, his dental problems were not that subtle or difficult to notice. Therefore, even if you think you have very bad dental flaws, you don’t need to feel bad about them. Because you can seek out the treatment you need about them and hopefully find a fix.

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