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Dental care is important for many reasons. Firstly you should take good care of your teeth because your dental health can affect your overall health. Along with this, your teeth can greatly impact your appearance, either in a negative or a positive way. Therefore if you want to be healthy, look good and feel better, dental care is important. Dental spa is a relatively new trend in dental care services. It involves many different methods such as gingival care and tooth shower. With this method you can get healthier and better looking teeth that also makes you feel more comfortable. So, let’s learn about this new trend in dental care and see where you can get it.

What is a dental spa?

In order to protect your dental health you can do many important things such as brushing and flossing. Also, getting regular consultations with your dentist is a crucial step of dental care. Moreover, you may want to check out options such as a dental spa for better oral and dental health. Basically, dental spa involves many different procedures that we do for dental care.

What do dental spas do?

A dental spa is a good option for better dental health due to many reasons. Firstly, the procedures in dental spas are usually quite simple and easy. Moreover, these procedures provide many advantages. For example, less inflammation, cleaner teeth and better gingival health are some advantages of some of these procedures.

How much does a dental spa cost?

If you are planning to get a dental spa, you might be curious about the price of this service. Depending on where you are and where you get this service, the prices may vary a lot. However, you can get a great price for this service at our clinic, Cliniqa Dental World.

Dental Spa Services

When we are talking about dental spa, it is important to remember that it’s not just about one procedure. There are many procedures we do with this service. As a combination of many procedures, dental spa services can be a good dental care service for many reasons. Here are some of the procedures we include it this dental care service.

Dental Scaling (Tartar Cleaning)

When bacteria get together on your teeth, you can get stuff over your teeth that we call tartar. Because of lack of proper dental care and hygiene, this issue can become quite annoying. Along with a bad appearance, tartar may also cause a myriad of other problems. For example, things such as inflammation of the dentine and bad breath are among these problems. Although your tartar issue may be out of control, we can help you with this with dental scaling. This simple and effective form of dental care service is a part of dental spa.

Gingival Care

Dental and oral health is not just about your teeth. Also, you need to take good care of your gingiva as well. Because without proper gingival care, you may get red and swollen gingiva or even bad breath. Moreover gingivitis and tooth loss are also possible with bad gingival health. Since this is a part of dental spa, you can get it along with other dental care services. Our specialists in Cliniqa can carry out this simple procedure easily and quickly for you. Then, with proper care afterwards, you can enjoy the advantages of healthy gingiva.

Tooth Shower

Another process we include in dental spa services is tooth shower. Although you can do it at home with proper equipment, getting help from a professional may be useful. This deceptively simple procedure can help you get cleaner teeth. Because sometimes you may need more than just brushing and flossing for a proper level of hygiene. And this is where tooth shower comes into play. Since it is a procedure without any side effects, you can comfortably get a tooth shower here at Cliniqa. Then you can enjoy a level of dental hygiene that you can’t get with the basic methods.

Teeth Whitening

When you see some discoloration in your teeth, you might feel very bad about it and lose confidence. Pearly white teeth can make your smile look more attractive and it can even affect your confidence. So, as a part of dental spa services, teeth whitening can do a lot for you. Since this process is quite simple, you can start enjoying whiter teeth in no time at all. After one or two sessions which take around 45 minutes, you can have teeth that is whiter and looks better.

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