Hardest Implant Zygomatic Implants

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Teeth loss is a huge problem that can impact your life tremendously. Therefore, there are many different methods in dentistry for dealing with this serious issue. While other treatments may be more suitable for partial loss, zygomatic implants may be a good option in some cases. Zygomatic implant treatment involves the replacement of teeth in the upper jaw with artificial teeth. It is mostly for patients without adequate levels of bone mass. The implants in this treatment are placed in to the zygomatic bone, which is commonly known as cheekbone. Since it is a relatively recent type of treatment, you may have a lot of questions about it. Also, it is considered to be one of the most difficult implant types to place by doctors. So if you are going to get this treatment, you should find a good doctor and a good clinic for this.

What is zygomatic implant surgery?

Teeth loss is a serious issue that can have both practical and aesthetic implications. If the loss is partial or the area is suitable, there are many different methods to deal with this issue. However, in some cases zygomatic or zygoma implant treatment may be necessary. For example, due to bone loss, it may not be suitable for some patients to get regular implants. Because for some patients who are dealing with bone loss, their bones may not be strong enough for this. This implant method involves placing the implant with support from the cheekbones. Therefore zygomatic implants are quite a unique and innovative solution that is also very difficult to place. This implant method offers treatment to patients who wouldn’t otherwise be able to get such a treatment.

How successful are zygomatic implants?

The success of this treatment highly depends on the experience level of the doctor carrying it out. As we have stated before, zygomatic implants are a very unique kind of treatment. Also, they are a relatively new form of implants. So, it can be a bit hard to find a skilled dentist able to carry out this procedure. But according to studies, the success rate of this treatment is between 82% and 100%. Although results vary from study to study, you can see that it can be a very successful type of implant. What really matters, however, is to find a qualified and experienced doctor who can implement the procedure.

Are zygomatic implants safe?

Since the implant is placed with support from cheekbones, this procedure may seem dangerous. However, zygomatic implants have a high success rate and most experts consider them to be quite safe. But it is important to remember that they have their own unique risks and complications. For example, sinusitis is the most common side effect that occurs with this kind of treatment. Also, there can be other complications due to this operation. So, it is important to get this done in a good clinic and by a qualified doctor.

How long do zygomatic implants last?

While it largely depends on the quality of the treatment, zygomatic implants can last for a long time. According to many studies, over 95% of implants with this method are still functioning after 3 to 12 years. So, even though this is a very difficult procedure, it is also a good long-term solution for many as well.

Is zygomatic implant treatment painful?

Doctors often carry out Zygomatic implant treatment under general anesthesia. So the actual process happens without you knowing it. However, after the procedure, some pain and discomfort is possible. But the pain is usually not extreme.

What is the cost of zygomatic implants?

If you need to get zygomatic implants, you may be wondering about how much it can cost. Since it is a very hard process, zygoma implant treatment can be costly. This is especially true for developed countries such as the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and so on. But you can get a cheaper yet high quality zygoma implant treatment in Turkey. Get Your Zygomatic Implant Treatment In Cliniqa By Specialist Dt Oğuzhan Sunar In Cliniqa Dental World, we offer many advanced dental health services. With 7 years of experience in his field, Specialist Dt Oğuzhan Sunar carries out this operation in Cliniqa. Although the procedure is quite difficult and few doctors around the world do it, Sunar carries it out. So, if you need help with this procedure, you can easily make your appoinment and get the help you need.

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